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QFlame - fire bowl made of high-purity quartz glass for the garden

QFlame. Experience the fascination of fire in a unique way.

Enjoy valuable moments in a high-quality design.

Feel fascinating warmth.


QFlame turns your moments into an impressive experience. Experience the cozy warmth of the fire with the high-quality glass fire bowl. As a stylish fire & light element for outdoor use, QFlame ensures a bright and evenly warming environment.

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What makes QFlame so special?


  • Exclusive quartz glass material

  • Puristic design

  • Glow of fire

  • Even warmth

  • Minimalist style element

  • Fire polished, smooth inside

  • Easy cleaning

  • Resistant to heat and frost

QFlame consists of 100% high-purity quartz glass.


The properties of this untreated material combine strength and warmth with the beauty of fire. The rough, opaque outer surface breaks the light of the flame and diffuses it. The white of the glass bowl turns into an irresistibly cozy color with the fire and makes the flames feel palpable. The glass fire bowl is easy to clean due to the smooth inner surface. It is heat-resistant up to 1300 ° C and should preferably be used with well-dried wood.

















Even without a fire, the Qflame glass fire bowl is a great style or light element and enrichment for your garden. 4 different sizes are currently available, as a set or individually. Smaller inclusions in the fire bowl (small black spots approx. 3 - 5 mm) can occasionally occur.

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The height specifications of the QFlame quartz glass fire bowl are without the base.

Scope of delivery of our QFlame sets:

Base Variants
A round base with a height of 10 cm and a diameter of 45 cm or 55 cm, made of brushed stainless steel, suitable for the sets. 

Base made of refractory concrete. The well thought-out design and three-point support means that the heat can escape very well. Available in sizes 40cm and 50cm, suitable for all sets.



A round lid with a knob in 55 cm, 60 cm, 65 cm and 73 cm diameter, made of stainless steel

brushed, suitable for the sets.


Weather protection

Reliable and water-resistant weather protection protects against harsh weather conditions, dirt and dust. The diameter is approx. 76 cm and is 61 cm high and therefore suitable for all sizes. Elastic hem cords are easy to move and adapt to the shape.



1 box of wood wool lighters

1 window cleaner

1 firewood tongs for adding wood








In the manufacture of our fire bowls, natural crystalline sand is melted in quartz glass at extremely high temperatures (> 3,000 ° C). Under protective gas, the sand is melted layer by layer in a graphite crucible using a short electric arc.

In this process, even the smallest chemical abnormalities soften and become very small (<2mm) spots in our fire bowls. These do not affect the temperature resistance and the strength of the glass, rather they show the natural origin of this product.

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