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Based on a conviction and tradition of iron casting that goes back more than a hundred years, we create long-lasting products for a traditional and sustainable lifestyle together with our customers. Cast iron is a durable, sustainable and recycled material with ideal grilling properties.

The TARAN grill, produced in Germany, convinces thanks to its reduction to the essentials, with its dual function as a grill and fire bowl and its versatility when grilling.

Born of fire - made for fire.


TARAN series

Already the construction of TARAN Fire is a highlight: Our design fire bowl can be pivoted and thus optimally aligned against the wind. The advantages: Less flying sparks and a better view of the fireplace. Of course, only high-quality materials were used in the regional production: the fire bowl is made of recycled cast iron (optimal heat storage) and the feet are made of regional oak wood. The TARAN fireplace has a total height of 58 cm. The diameter of the fire bowl is an impressive 65 cm at the widest point

TARAN Pure - our fire bowl with the high feet - the bowl can also tilt in all directions, so you can also have an optimal view of the fire from the table. In addition, the premium fire bowls can be optionally expanded with our grill gratewok insert, die griddle  and the vegetable pan. This turns your fireplace into a barbecue experience!

TheTARAN Camping is a Dutch oven with feet. Also known as a fire pot, the Dutch oven with frame is simply placed on the embers and the outdoor kitchen is ready. The fire pot: an indestructible all-rounder and can be perfectly combined with the TARAN. Whether grilling, roasting, braising or baking - dishes in the Dutch Oven are not only easy to prepare, they are also particularly tasty and juicy. With the cast-iron lid, top heat can be generated for desserts, bread and much more, even when using the grill. 

The designer grill TARAN Classic combines the high-quality charcoal grill with the cast-iron fire bowl and can be used in a variety of ways: in addition to the cast-iron grill insert, the grill can be used with a grill plate, wok insert or grill pan.

The detachable cover of TARAN Gourmet - for steaming, cooking and baking - enables the preparation of culinary ideas that go beyond grilling and roasting. With the thermometer you always have an overview of the temperature development inside the grill. 

After grilling, simply swivel the cast-iron charcoal grill into a fire bowl, where the cast iron retains heat for a long time. The fire bowl invites you to a cozy get-together and rounds off your perfect barbecue experience.


The TARAN Gourmet is the ideal set for perfect barbecue enjoyment!


With this complete package you are perfectly equipped for unforgettable barbecue moments. A set for everyone who values quality, functionality and design.

Variable grill grates and grill plates, a grill rack, gloves, cover and much more - our high-end grill is your complete package for impressive gourmet evenings.


And after the meal you put a piece of wood on and let the evening fade away by the fire.


Each TARAN is equipped with a wide range of accessories when delivered and for every culinary challenge you have the perfect combination at your disposal.

If you initially only start with a TARAN fire bowl, it can easily be transformed into a TARAN grill with our accessories.

The extensive set of professional cast iron grill inserts leaves nothing to be desired and always offers the right basis for every taste.


TARAN`s advantages:


  • Dual function: grill and fire bowl (possible at table height!)

  • 5 mm thick cast - long-lasting heat, ideal grilling properties

  • Robust thanks to IGNIUM high-tech cast alloy for maximum stability

  • Grill inserts can be combined as desired: celtic grid, plancha and small pans

  • Ideal for plancha and caveman style grilling

  • Easy cleaning

  • Design object - 100% Made in Germany

  • Sustainable production from recycled materials

  • Grilling with wood is CO2 neutral



The TARAN Design Grill is made of high-quality materials:
The oak feet come from local forests, the main raw material of the charcoal grill is cast iron, which is formed in a liquid state in a sand mold. Individual elements made of stainless steel give the grill a special touch.


The cast parts of the charcoal grill are naturally coated with cooking oil. The burned-in oil is food-safe and forms a patina that protects against rust. The oak feet are treated in the same way. Only the adapter part between the cast iron fire bowl and the wooden feet is treated with a durable varnish. The TARAN charcoal grill is as natural as your grilling experience.

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