Set Q20_opaque STYLE contains:


  • High-purity quartz glass bowl (Ø 20cm, H: 16cm).

  • Perforated and brushed stainless steel base (Ø 14cm, H: 5cm).


  • Fire-extinguising lid made of brushed stainless steel with stainless steel handle (Ø 21cm).


  • Bio-ethanol burner made of brushed stainless steel (Ø 15cm, H: 5cm), including leakage protection with ceramic fibres and wire mesh which ensures an even, safe and beautiful play of flames. Filling volume approx. 600ml for a burning time of about 1.5 hours.


  • Detailed product description with safety and care instructions.

Enjoy the video!

The unique fire bowl made of purest quartz glass.


Fascinating interplay of light and flames make the white glass in redorange colors shine brightly.


For a romantic atmosphere and an impressive ambience - without ashes, soot and smoke.


The opaque, rough outer surface breaks the light of the flames, diffuses it and lets the bowl shine vigorously.

The properties of the material combine strength and warmth

with the beauty of fire.


Q20_opaque STYLE in stylish design


consists of 100% high purity quartz glass. The special purity (99.99% silicon dioxide) can only be found in a few places on earth. The accessories are made of brushed stainless steel.

At very high temperatures, through hot chemical processes and under clean room conditions this valuable natural raw material is processed for Q20_opaque.

The quartz glass is heat-resistant up to 1,250° and frost-resistant down to -30° and can be fired easily in any season.

Firing with bio-ethanol is clean, residue-free and odorless. The bowl is easy to clean due to the smooth fire-polished surface on the inside.


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