The unbeatable pellet burner.


Transforms the fireplace insert, open fireplace or wood stove in just a few simple steps

into an efficient, economical and user-friendly pellet stove.

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Simple warm and clean!

  • The patented burner enables the optimal distribution of the intake air.

  • Complete combustion ensures minimal cleaning effort.

  • Ignition reliability - QAÏTO is easy to ignite - 3x faster than wood.

  • Very rapid temperature rise.

  • The clean combustion keeps the fireplace glass largely clean.

  • High-quality, recyclable materials (cast iron burner, casing and base plate made of stainless steel).

  • Output: 10 - 15 kW per version, provides an additional 3-4°C room temperature in a few hours.

  • Economy: The combustion capacity is between 1.7 - 1.8 kg pellets/hour, depending on the model.

  • Aesthetically luminous flames guarantee warmth and cosiness.

  • Easy refilling for a long burning time.

  • Fits in every fireplace and wood stove.

  • Award-winning design (Trophees L'Innovation 2013, gold medal of the Lépine competition 2011).

  • 100% French manufacturing.

  • 2 year guarantee.

Structure and principle of operation
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The base plate is simply placed over the primary air inlet in the chimney and the round stainless steel jacket directly over the recess in the plate. Insert the cast iron burner in it.


Fill the QAÏTO burner with pellets, put on an ignition aid and ignite. In less than 5 minutes, there is a generous and sociable fire.

When restarting, the burner is refilled with pellets with only approx. 4/5 of the surface. The uncovered embers also serve as a starter for another play of flames.

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Models and technical data
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Q 10

Pellet burners for small fireplaces

(Logs ˂ 30 cm long)


Capacity: 1.7 kg pellets

Dimensions burner (Ø / H):

250 / 120mm

Base plate dimensions:

Ø 250mm

Net weight: 5.6 kg

Calorific value: approx. 10 kW

Q 20

Pellet burners for medium sized fireplaces

(Logs 30 - 45 cm long)


Capacity: 1.7 kg pellets

Dimensions burner (Ø / H):

250 / 120mm

Base plate dimensions (L / W):

280 / 360mm

Net weight: 6.4 kg

Calorific value: approx. 10 kW


The larger base plate than at

Q 10 increases the air supply and promotes better combustion.

Q 30

Pellet burners for large fireplaces

(Logs ˃ 45 cm length)


Capacity: 3.7 kg pellets

Dimensions burner (L / W / H): 340/253/120 mm

Base plate dimensions (L / W): 360/280 mm

Net weight: 8.5 kg

Calorific value: approx. 15 kW

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Q 30 + QR 31

Q 31

Attachment for Q 30

Provides more filling volume and approx. 1 hour extended burning time.

QAÏTO awards


2011 - Award of the inventor prize in Paris

2013 - Award of the innovation trophy for companies in the forest-wood-paper sector







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